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J-Pop Idol Group Morning Musume Needs Your Help!

July 19, 2013 5 comments

A message from Team J-MELO for all Morning Musume fans out there!

morning musume We’ll soon be making our 400th edition of J-MELO. The girls of Morning Musume are going to help us celebrate by recording a track for the J-MELO New Song Project. And they want you to inspire them and their producer by answering a few questions about your feelings. So if you’d like a chance to work on a song with Morning Musume, please check out the details on the J-MELO website then get in touch. We can’t wait Read more…

Koichi Sakamoto Directs Nao Nagasawa And Ayumi Kinoshita In Travelers: Dimension Police

March 3, 2013 11 comments

Sexy Nagasawa and Kinoshita kick ass in new action-packed sci-fi drama!

Travelers Police Dimension (C)2013 Next Media Animation Limited. All rights reserved. pic 3You may recall in February 2012 when Diverse Japan interviewed Nao Nagasawa (Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Playgirls 2012) that she mentioned she was going to Taiwan the following month to begin shooting her next action movie. DJ can now reveal that the film she spoke of is a sci-fi action adventure called Travelers: Dimension Police directed by Read more…

NEO Magazine Issue107 Profiles Gravure Idol/Actress Saaya Irie – OUT NOW!

January 25, 2013 1 comment

Double cover issue – Plus the Best Of 2012 as voted for by YOU!!

NEO issue # 107 Saaya Irie profileNEO magazine profiles sexy idol and actress Saaya [Irie] highlighting some of her best bits. PLUS the votes are in! Find out the hottest names in anime, manga and 11 other categories in Asian entertainment as voted for by YOU, the British public. Oh yes, the winners of the NEO Awards 2012, sponsored by MCM Comic Con, are here and Read more…

DVD Review: Crime Or Punishment!?! A Film By Keralino Sandorovich

September 29, 2012 2 comments

A zany slapstick comedy from Third Window Films!

Crime or punishment!?! is the latest offering from writer/director Keralino Sandorovich and is a multi-layered, multi-character comedy with elements of almost all other genres thrown in for good measure. When people in the West think of Japanese films many may presume that all there is on offer is horror/ thriller. One reason for this is because films of this genre are what Western audiences can identify easiest with because horror/thriller themes are universal and will work in any language, whereas a comedy can be country-specific or even region specific in its themes. Also, to watch only one Read more…

NEO Magazine Announces Photo & Cosplay Competition At MCM Expo

May 23, 2012 8 comments

Join NEO at MCM Expo London 25 – 27 May 2012

Win Anime Boxsets Every Day of the MCM Expo with NEO Magazine’s Photo Competition!

NEO Magazine will be holding a competition each day of the London MCM Expo Comic Con where a talented individual will win K-On! Complete and Naruto Shippuden Season 2 boxsets, courtesy of Read more…

DVD Release: Crime or Punishment?!? – A film by Keralino Sandorovich!

April 19, 2012 4 comments

DVD release date: 14th May 2012

Have you ever experienced a day when you are carrying on as usual just like the day before but strange things keep happening one after another on that particular day? This is a slapstick comedy, like Kafka’s novel, filled with incongruous nightmares and nonsensical laughter.

Ayame (Riko Narumi) is an unsuccessful girl celebrity, who happens to take on the PR role of a “police chief for a day”. The job of a campaign girl is to smile and act as a police chief for one day. It should have been a simple job, however, the police station staff treat her like Read more…

NEO Magazine Launches New Profile Series Kicking Off With Action Idol Nao Nagasawa

April 19, 2012 11 comments

NEO magazine issue 97 OUT NOW!

In the latest issue, Neo magazine introduces a new profile series starting off with actress/idol Nao Nagasawa. The monthly series is written by Diverse Japan creator and administrator, Spencer Lloyd Peet, who interviewed Miss. Nagasawa in January 2012, and focuses on individual Japanese talent/personalities within the entertainment business. Also Read more…

DVD Review: TOMIE Unlimited – A J-Horror Film By Noboru Iguchi

February 21, 2012 9 comments

Warning: Review contains graphic images!

The film’s strength lies within its absurdities.

The Cronenberg-style horror flick, TOMIE Unlimited, is the ninth, and nastiest, entry in the film series based on a popular manga by Junji Ito. Renowned for directing AV (Adult Video) and action/horror films on a meagre budget, Noboru Iguchi, true to form, delivers a totally in-your-face splatterfest that is rife with buckets of blood and dismembered bodies.

Schoolgirl Tsukiko (Moe Arai) is a photography enthusiast with an inferiority complex caused by the jealousy she has towards her Read more…

DVD Review: Ninja Battle – A Film By Seiji Chiba Starring Actress/Idol Aki Ito

February 9, 2012 6 comments

More ninja action from cult director Seiji Chiba!

In 1581, the Iga province of Japan was annihilated by Oda Nobunaga and the Koga allied forces with many blaming the Iga’s downfall on the treachery of the Iga shinobi Shimoyama Kai. Prior to these events, a team of ninja agents were dispatched on a covert mission to prevent Oda and the Koga from gaining the upper hand. This is their story…

When a small group of Iga ninjas find their comrade Yoshimori lying dead in a cave next to a bound a gagged girl, they immediately suspect her of somehow being involved in Read more…

Exclusive Interview: Nao Nagasawa – Actress, Singer And Idol – Super Sentai And Kamen Rider Heroine

February 5, 2012 41 comments

“I want to be in a Hollywood movie in the future.” Nao Nagasawa

Nao Nagasawa (長澤 奈央 ), best known to her fans for her roles in various Super Sentai and Kamen Rider TV shows, is someone with more than just a pretty face and a gorgeous body. She’s been a recording artist, releasing singles like “Kiss, Kiss” and “Game”, and a dancer. But it’s her skills as an actress were she excels and has even led to her winning the Best Actress Award at the Myrtle Film Festival for her English-speaking lead role in Read more…

DVD Review: Gravure Idol Saaya Irie: “17 – Sexy” & “17 – Pure”

January 5, 2012 10 comments

Apart from the obvious, Saaya has many redeeming features!

Between March and April 2011, two editions of the Saaya “17” idol DVD were released – the first, “Sexy”, came out on 16th March, and the second, “Pure”, on 20th April. As with many Saaya gravure idol DVDs these ones come with a stunning 5×3 Collectors Photo and a reversible sleeve (see images below).

Previous to these releases, there have been no less than 14 Saaya idol DVDs available on the market. It’s not Read more…

The Girls Are Back In Town! “Maid Planet Autumn Music Party” London

October 2, 2011 1 comment

Come and experience a maid cafe like no other with delicious food and beautiful live music!

The popular maid cafe outfit, Maid Planet, will be holding their very first sole maid event on Saturday 8th October, between 12 noon and 4pm, at the Japanese-run Crane and Tortoise cafe-bar.

The unit has collaborated with other Japanese subculture events in the past such as the Brighton Moshi Moshi Festival and Hyper Japan. The later event resulted in the maids catering to more than 400 customers over a three-day period. Their genuine Japanese maid-style formula with a twist has won them many loyal fans in and around London, and so setting up their own fully-fledge cafe event, which they have called Read more…

Gravure Idol & Actress Saaya Irie Becomes Biohazard (Resident Evil) Ambassador

September 25, 2011 18 comments

Bikini idol becomes game ambassador September 2011 – March 2012.

During the four-day Tokyo Game Show 2011 event, which started on Thursday 15th September, it was announced that actress, singer and bikini idol Saaya [Irie] had been chosen to be the ambassador for the hugely successful video game franchise Biohazard (aka Resident Evil) from September 2011 until March 2012. She appeared at the event in cosplay as Special Operations Agent (SOA) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, Jill Valentine. She told DJ, “Jill Valentine is very tall with a quiet sense of self-possession, which is much different from me; I’m talkative and funny.” Read more…

Interview: Mio Himemiya/Mooma – J-Pop Singer/Songwriter, Voice Actress & Race Queen

September 6, 2011 4 comments

“I’m like a child. If I’m interested in something, I think about it all the time.” (Mio Himemiya)

Born into an artistic family, Mio was exposed to music, art, and animation at a young age. After graduating from Keio University, she started performing. Not only doing music, Mio has a talent in design, MCing, and modelling. She reached the 1st Rank in Myspace Japan’s “Pretty Collection” contest. In 2010 she began working as a voice actress and started her solo music career as Mooma.

With her beautiful singing voice and a talent for writing lyrics, Mio is set for great things. Read more…

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J-Pop Idols Unite To Give Rare Performance At Charity Concert In London!

August 8, 2011 3 comments

Popular J-Pop Idols and renowned musicians perform in London to help raise money for earthquake and tsunami victims.

The catastrophe that hit Japan in March 2011 shook the whole world and left most of us feeling helpless. The devastating aftermath has lead to numerous events and exhibitions taking place all around the globe to help raise funds for those affected by the tragedy. Countless people are attending as many of these events as they possibly can in order to show their compassion and support and to let the people of Japan know that they are not alone.

One such event which was held recently was the London charity concert “Japan, We’ve Not Forgotten You”, which was organised by Japan Underground and Naomi Suzuki and featured several successful Japanese musicians and performers including Naomi. Read more…

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J-MELO New Song Project With MAY’S & Hiromitsu Agatsuma

July 15, 2011 3 comments

Create a Christmas song with some of Japan’s most talented artists!

The J-MELO New Song Project is your chance to create songs with top Japanese artists. The Japanese English-language TV Pop show shown weekly on NHK WORLD has teamed up with R&B duo MAY’S to create a song for Christmas. Shamisen virtuoso Hiromitsu Agatsuma will be joining the recording as a special
guest. Read more…

Event: Japan We’ve Not Forgotten You J-Pop Charity Concert London

June 11, 2011 5 comments

Four chart topping Japanese pop musicians, amongst other big names, will make a rare appearance in London on Tuesday 28th June 2011.

A selection of big name Japanese pop acts will perform at a charity concert held at McQueen in Shoreditch which aims to send further financial aid to Japan, while also offering encouragement not only to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, but also to Japanese in England and across the world.

The pop artists are; Naomi Suzuki, an actress, singer and presenter from Japan who is also co-ordinating the event; Ayako Nakanomori, the former vocalist of NAKANOMORI BAND, one of Japan’s most successful girl-groups; the multi-million selling pop artist Yuki Koyanagi; and singer, actress (Spirited Away, Metal Gear Solid) and two time Japanese Academy Award nominee Mari Natsuki. Read more…

Exclusive Interview: Rina Takeda – Actress Idol And Karate Girl

May 20, 2011 28 comments

Interview conducted by Spencer Lloyd Peet

“After working on High Kick Girl and Karate Girl, I feel that there is no difference between ‘real’ martial arts and what we did on those films.”  Rina Takeda.

She may be small in stature and unbelievably cute, but action star and real-life Ryukyu Shorin-ryu karate champion, Rina Takeda, is anything but a pussy cat. During filming she has taken falls which Jackie Chan would think twice of doing; and delivered lighting kicks that Bruce Lee would have had trouble deflecting.  Her outstanding martial arts prowess and lethal kicks and punches in films such as High Kick Girl, Karate Girl, and Kunoichi, which has left audiences wondering if they were for real, has won her a legion of fans and much praise from critics.  Her popularity rises from one film to the next and she is undoubtedly set for international stardom. Read more…

Film Review: KG – Karate Girl Starring Rina Takeda

May 15, 2011 17 comments

Real-life Ryukyu-ryu Karate champion Rina Takeda takes on the role of avenging karateka Ayaka Kurenai.

On Sunday 8 May 2011, KG: Karate Girl had its international premier at the Prince Charles Cinema in London as part of the 4-day Terracotta Far East Film Festival.  The film’s main star, Rina Takeda, appeared at the venue as special guest where, prior to the start of the film, dressed in her karate uniform, she gave a brief talk.  Immediately after the film had finished, Takeda went back on stage, this time dressed in her school uniform as worn in the film, to give an impressive karate demonstration and displayed her skills with the nunchaku which was followed by a Q&A session.  The talented actress showed a lot of charm and charisma and definitely has star quality, but what about the film? Read more…

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